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Japanese-English-Polish translations

12 August 1990
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It's hard to describe myself;)
One guy said that I'm an angel, another that I'm worth mercedes.
Some people loves me, some hates;)
naughty but nice
normal but crazy
ambitious but lazy
liar but honest
idiot but inteligent
responsible but reckless
calm but scatterbrained
trusting but suspicious
understanding towards others but ignoramus
self-confident but shy
untidy person but orderly
modest but bighead
strong-minded but nosy
cheerful but grumpy
vindictive but patient
easy-going but energetic
possesive but good-natured
quiet but talkative
stubborn but compromising
determined but cautions
mysterious but open
mean but warm-hearted... etc
I'm just ...full of contrasts;)

I'm interested in a lot of things. I love mainly Japan, jmusic, manga and anime. Currently one of my favourite bands is KAT-TUN. I'm also intrested in rock music, drawing, photography and Photoshop. So if you share similiar interest to me or if you just want to get to know new people all over the world, feel free to add my to friend list - I'll be glad to add you back;)